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September Fishing Report

     Chris with Skinny Water Lure’s is proud to bring you this month’s fishing report.
     The month of August started off with a full moon but lots of rain fall. Several days after the full moon allowed the bite to pick up. During the days after the full moon phase allowed for high tides which caused more water movement. Fish will feed all day and night when we have large full moons, casting plenty of light into the water allowing predators to be more active for longer periods of time. As the full moon approaches, the fish get excited and start taking advantage of the more powerful tides and more time to feed. Once the full moon gets to full swing, the fish have been feeding hard for a few days and nights, and they seem to get more sluggish and less aggressive. On the backside of the moon, they get excited and hungry again like they know the moon phase is changing. Take advantage of this increase in activity during these full moon phases.
     As the month carried on the daily rain fall appeared to dissipate, bringing very hot days. During these hot months and days focus on the early morning bite. First light bite has been plentiful with topwater action. Making several casts in one area around oyster bars and deep channels with moving water has been producing big numbers of redfish. Concentrate on making multiple casts in one area when using topwater. Don’t make one cast and move on, the sound from a topwater lure will have fish in that area searching for the noise, allowing them to strike the lure after multiple casts. Also, multiple redfish are being found grouped together during these early morning bites, so if you catch one most of the time there will be multiple others in the area. Once the sun starts to rise and warm up the water, we found changing to a lure that stays closer to the bottom has been working best. As the water warms up throughout the day, you will find these redfish will change their feeding to deeper water and closer to the bottom where the water temperature is coolest.
     For anglers that like to use Live bait we have found live shrimp or mullet paired under a popping cork early morning has worked great. Again, focus multiple casts in one area. That popping cork will have fish in the area searching for that noise made by the popping cork. Once the sun heats the water change to a bottom rig and focus closer to the bottom where the water temperature is coolest.
     If you struggle with the heat during these dog days of summer when the weather is tremendously hot, try to focus on the nighttime bite when the weather is at its coolest temperature. Redfish and Snook are still feeding well around the nighttime period, hugging the bottom on the edges of the dock lights, bridge lights and jetties around the ICW and Matanzas inlet. Upper slot snook are being caught during these nighttime hours around the dock’s lights chasing bait through the lights. Focus using a swim bait style lure like a paddle tail or a twitch bait with little to no weight. Little to no weight will allow these lures to stay under the lights and in the strike zone longer, giving you a better chance. Free lining live shrimp or mullet tossed up stream and allowing it to flow with the current through the light has been working excellent as well.
     Flounder numbers have been low this month due to the heat, but the quality of caught flounder have been great. Upper slot doormat size flounder are being caught around deep channels with moving water. Sandy bottom areas around the Matanzas inlet have been producing good size flounder as well. These flounder are being targeted with curly tail grubs or paddle tails, paired on a jig head. Focus bouncing or drag these lures along the bottom for more strikes. Paddle tail style lures paired with a spinner bait worked close to the bottom have also worked well. Live mud minnows on a bottom rig are producing good numbers also.
     Multiple numbers of tarpon are still being caught around the Matanzas inlet and the old Sea Ray canal area’s during this month. Focus using live mullet or pin fish under a popping cork or freelined.
     Thank you for checking out this month’s fishing report.

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