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October From the Helm

Hello, fellow anglers and members of the Flagler Sportfishing Club! As we find ourselves in the transition from summer to fall, there’s an undeniable sense of excitement in the air. The cooler weather is on its way, and with it comes the promise of some fantastic fishing opportunities.

Fall Fishing Excitement

Fall is a favorite season for many anglers, including myself. The waters cool down, and our finned friends become more active. It’s the perfect time to cast your lines and explore the bountiful treasures of our waterways.

As the president of the Flagler Sportfishing Club, I’ve had the privilege of hearing some exciting reports from our members. The redfish are starting to show up in good numbers, and there’s a sense of anticipation in the air. These beautiful fish are known for their hard-fighting nature, and targeting them during this transition period can be incredibly rewarding.

Kids4Reel Program: Nurturing Young Anglers

One thing that truly warms my heart is the success of our Kids4Reel program in many of Flagler County’s schools. It’s amazing to see the next generation of anglers getting excited about fishing and conservation. We believe in passing down our love for the sport, and this program is making it possible.

The smiles on those young faces as they reel in their first fish are priceless. We’re fostering not just a love for fishing but also an appreciation for the marine environment. Kudos to all our members who have been actively involved in making this program a resounding success.

Bylaws Revision Committee Progress

I’d also like to take a moment to update you on the progress of our bylaws revision committee, chaired by the dedicated Mike Vickers. They have been working diligently to refine our club’s bylaws, ensuring they align with our evolving needs and aspirations.

The committee is inching closer to presenting the new draft bylaws to our members for approval. It’s an important step in ensuring that our club remains transparent, effective, and aligned with our shared goals. Stay tuned for further updates on this front.

Upcoming Christmas Party

Finally, as we look ahead, I’m thrilled to announce that plans for this year’s Christmas Party are well underway. It’s an event we all look forward to, a time for us to come together, celebrate the holiday season, and share stories of our fishing adventures from the year.

I encourage all our members to keep an eye out for announcements and details regarding the party. It’s going to be a memorable evening of camaraderie, good food, and perhaps a few fish tales!

As we embrace the changes that fall brings to our fishing scene, let’s also celebrate the growth and vibrancy of our club. I’m honored to serve as your president, and I’m excited about the wonderful journey that lies ahead.

Tight lines, and let’s make this fall season one to remember!

Warm regards,

Capt. Adam Morley President, Flagler Sportfishing Club

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