Flagler Sportfishing Club has been dedicated to Youth/Teen Programs for many years. Our dedicated, member volunteers teach, inspire and help youth/teens grow in both the sport, as well as in life skills.

Our ‘kids4reel’ programs are offered to youth & teens from 5-18 years old. We support creation of learning experiences that help youth/teens enjoy the outdoors, realize achievement when their goals are met and enhance their fishing skills. We partner with the CCA and FWC to ensure the health and conservation of marine resources in a responsible way.

“Fishing has brought us both a lot of enjoyment and cherished quality time together. As a parent I see first-hand, while fishing with Luke, that it’s teaching him many qualities such as social skills by engaging in conversations with mainly adults inquiring about his fishing, it’s giving him an understanding of the local waterways and respect for wildlife in and around the water. Fishing is also teaching him patience and many other general life skills/life lessons that we sometimes take for granted. We are so very thankful for Flagler Sportfishing Club and are thrilled that there is a youth division geared towards getting kids out there fishing! We are glad to be a part of FSC and appreciate everything they do for the community.” FSC Member Deb Thomas…

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