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Hurricane Ian Aftermath

You would think that as the owner of a shop that is still recovering from Hurricane Ian, I’d be a little salty about hurricanes. There is plenty to be saddened by especially those who were hit much harder than we were down in southwest Florida. They lost everything. But at the risk of sounding too optimistic, I want to admit that I might have needed that storm without even knowing it. I say this because I had been losing something I wasn’t aware of before the storm and that was my faith in humanity. But after getting nearly three feet of water in our shop, losing our commercial drink coolers, our deck over our seawall, the kayak launch, our water pump for our bait tanks, and more, our community came through like heroes. The storm hit on Thursday and I thought for sure we wouldn’t be able to recover for several weeks but on Friday dozens of volunteers showed up throughout the day and moved mountains.

By the end of Friday it was clear we would be open for the weekend, still needing cash in the bank to cover the major repairs we decided to have a “recovery sale”. The fishing community, including the Flagler Sportfishing Club and the Facebook Group Palm Coast Canal Fishing, all showed up in support and gave us the boost we needed while our spirits were low. So while my back still hurts from rebuilding our kayak launch, putting a new cap on our seawall, collecting sandbags to fill in areas that washed out, and moving bags of concrete to reinforce areas weakened by the storm, I’m still sitting here with a smile knowing that we still have an amazing community that will step up in a time of need and I’m proud to be a part of it.

Captain Adam Morley


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