May Fishing Report

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with Skinny Water Lures.


Chris from Skinny Water Lures highlights the exciting changes in fish behavior and fishing conditions throughout the month. At the beginning of the month, the warming water temperatures in the 70s signaled the start of an active bite. Fish were moving from deeper waters to shallower flats, making for great earlymorning and late evening topwater action. However, a mid-month cold front changed the game, pushing fish back into deeper holes. Targeting drop-offs, bridges, and docks proved successful for catching trout and snook. Adapting to the new pattern with slower retrievals led to better strikes.

As the month progressed and the full moon approached, stronger tides increased fish activity. The focus shifted to redfish with early morning topwater fishing around oyster bars and grass banks. As the tide came in, flooded grass areas became hotspots for redfish, where using a weedless rigged paddle tail lure proved effective. Speckled sea-trout were also plentiful, especially around moving water and deep holes, with a hard twitch bait being the preferred choice.

Towards the end of the month, rising temperatures brought about another change in fish behavior, with fish pushing back onto the flats. The full moon phase presented excellent night-time fishing opportunities, with a strong inshore bite early in the morning and picking up again in the evening. Snook were plentiful along the sea wall in Palm Coast canals, biting on artificial lures or live finger mullet at dawn or dusk. The return of baitfish to the flats attracted redfish to areas like High Bridge, Long Creek, and Matanzas, where fishing flooded oyster bars during high tide proved successful.

The full moon phase also led to a great nighttime trout bite around dock lights. Using Skinny Water Lures twitch baits or a popping cork with a 3-inch paddle tail attracted these “mustard mouth” trout. Casting up current and drifting the lure across the lights resulted in strikes, often on the pause.

As water temperatures continue to rise and sunny days approach, anglers need to remember to take sun protection measures and enjoy the fantastic fishing opportunities. With the changing conditions and patterns, there is always something new and exciting to discover while out on the water.

Happy fishing!




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