December Fishing Report


Flagler County Fishing Report – December 2023

Fishing Report brought to you by Chris with Skinny Water Lures.



According to Chris from Skinny Water Lures, November started with an awesome bite. Earlier November it was packed with multiple days of a Waxing Gibbous and a Hunter’s Full moon. For those that are not familiar with moon phases a Waxing Gibbous, it is an 85%-95% full moon. The Hunter’s full moon is 100% full. By now you are probably asking, “What does that have to do with fishing?” Due to the pull of gravity, the saltwater tides are more substantial during the full moon. Stronger currents mean more active baitfish and prey, making optimal fishing tides. Also, a full moon radiates more light on the water during the night, affecting the feeding habits of fish because it’s much easier for them to see and feed at night. That being said the bite has turned up leading into that full moon in early in November.


  • For REDFISH we found the topwater bite slowed a little. We found good numbers of redfish closer to the bottom, using a 3/16 or a 1/4 jig heads paired with a Skinny Water Lures paddle tail. Areas of choice on an incoming or outgoing tide were areas around oyster bars, thinned out grass or off points. Any island or land that has a point with be holding fish.
  • For TROUT we found that jigging a paddle tail or a curly tail grub with a chartreuse tail or body had them chewing. We focused on the deep holes or areas with good water flow on the incoming and outgoing tide. These trout would bite these lures on the down fall, so focus on a high jigging motion depending on water depth.
  • For FLOUNDER we found areas just outside of pinch points that had good water flow. Throw up current and work the lure down current. These flounder will be sitting just outside the current waiting on the bait fish to swim by. Focus working a jig or a small skinner blade on or close to the bottom.
  • For SNOOK we found working pinch points or areas with structure. Use a twitch bait, paddle tail or topwater early morning. If fishing around structure remember to up your leader line. Snook are strong fighters and will run you back into the structure or cut your line on their side gill plates.
  • Mid and late November the Sea Trout bite had turned on with the cooler temperatures upon us, causing the water temperature to drop. We have had success around the Long Creek and High Bridge areas on early morning topwater, switching to a bright colored paddle tail or a twitch bait later in the day. Target areas with moving water. More numbers of snook are also being caught around these areas and areas with structures. We found downsizing to a 3 inch paddle tail, retrieved close to the bottom on a twitch-twitch-pause method had the Redfish chewing along the Longcreek area.


The last two weeks of November, the topwater bite slowed tremendously due to the cooler temperatures. We noticed the bite seemed to pick up more as the water temperature raised later in the day. We also found switching to a bigger 4 inch paddle tail had the redfish, trout and flounder chewing.

During the fall season the bigger bait fish tend to move into the flats. With this in mind, we switched from a 3 inch paddle tail to a 4 inch paddle tail to help match the hatch and mimic those larger profile baitfish. Also during these colder months and cooler water temperatures, slow your retrieval. We found a lot of strikes happened as the lure was on the down fall or laying on the bottom. Due to the drop in water temperatures the fish become more lethargic, causing them to strike lure with slower retrieval. Try these techniques during those fall months and you will be sure to increase your bite.

Thanks for checking out this month’s fishing report. Tight Lines!!

Chris Crego, Skinny Water Lures


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