About Flagler Sportfishing Club

Mission Statement

Flagler Sportfishing Club’s mission is to expand the participation in, and enhance the enjoyment of, recreational fishing in the Flagler County area with an emphasis on conservation and sustainment of our area’s fisheries. To expand participation, we conduct outreach efforts such as meet-and-greet at community events, partnership with school programs, all-welcomed kids fishing clinics as well as new members clinics. To enhance the enjoyment of fishing, we conduct more than 20 tournaments and social events throughout the year to foster camaraderie and good cheer while honing our fishing knowledge and techniques in friendly competition. On conservation and sustainment, we partner with organizations such as Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) to support and advance programs and practices for the benefit of our fisheries and for generations of anglers to come. Our year-long Catch-Photograph-Release (CPR) tournament, with handsome prizes, is an example of the club’s effort to promote the idea that conservational fishing is just as fun and rewarding. As a community citizen, our club supports notable organizations such as Disabled American Veterans, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Tower to Tunnel, among others, with financial and material resources generously made possible by our members, supporters, and annual sponsors.

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