Sponsor Partnership Program

Becoming a partner is easy. Just select the level of sponsorship that fits your needs.

Flexible Partnership Plans

Level One: Media Sponsor—Company name & logo in our monthly publication, websites, printed material and tournament shirts and bags handed out at Flagler Home Show, Creekside Festival and all tournaments. Company name on flyers for our annual invitational tournament and monthly Club activities and tournaments.

Level Two: Club Tournament Sponsor—Level One plus your choice of a monthly tournament you wish to sponsor (except an Invitational). Opportunity to speak at the monthly meeting prior to your sponsored tournament.

Level Three: Invitational Tournament Sponsor—Levels One and Two plus your company name and logo (small) on the back of the invitational tournament shirts. A table/booth at the event and at the Captains Meeting the night before.

Level Four: Events Sponsor—Levels One, Two and Three plus logo or company name on a shirt sleeve or larger on back if sleeve taken. Participation in the Kids Fishing Clinic and Club membership for two for the year are also included.

Level Five: Major Club Sponsor—Levels One-Four plus major sponsor in the Club’s annual invitational tournament and the New Members Clinic. A large major sponsorship logo/company name on tournament t-shirt for the Club’s annual invitational and two anglers may fish for free in the annual invitational tournament.

Benefits of Becoming a Sponsor

Push Marketing to 500 plus members and their family through our monthly publication (Chumline).

Marketing Opportunities in sponsoring tournaments throughout the year

Presentation of your product or service to monthly Club meetings (80-150 attendees)

Internal and External Marketing through the Club Facebook Page, Website. (Public & Private)

Tournament Prizes and Gift Certificates  are always purchased from our Sponsor partners exclusively

Promotions Marketed to our membership through email, Facebook & members only section of the Club Website.


For more information about our Club and becoming an Annual Sponsor, please fill out a short note so we may follow up with you.