Community Programs

‘kids 4 reel’ partners with organizations like Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation FWC, Coastal Conservation Association CCA & Fish Florida to offer youth fishing educational programs. These educational/life skill enhancement programs apply to youth/teens from 5- 15 years old.
A good example is our Kids Clinic, in which ‘kids 4 reel’, in concert with FWC, CCA & Fish Florida provide community events in conservation and fishing education.
Fishing professionals such as charter captains, as well as experienced volunteers provide hands-on instruction, as well as the tools to youth/teens with varying abilities.
At these ‘kids 4 reel’ clinics, youth/teens progress through ‘learning stations’ in which they are taught:
✓ Knot Tying: Safety first; knots are important; how to tie knots
✓ The Good Angler: Fish by the rules; protect the habitat; catch & release; limit your take; trash disposal & practice safety afloat
✓ Tackle: Rods, reels, tackle; tackle box contents; first aid; regulations ✓ Where Fish Live: Habitat importance & conservation
✓ Casting: Safety; techniques; proper aiming; respectful of others
✓ Fishing!: Youth/teens will practice baiting hooks; casting; catching & removing fish; re-rigging; catch & release and ethical angling
Future Community Programs under review for implementation include: ▪ Partnering with local youth/teen organizations, e.g. Boys and Girls Club to bring the ‘kids 4 reel’ program to life and introduce fishing skills, regulations, conservation and safety to our community

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