From the Helm

April 2020

I am sure everyone has had enough corona virus talk to last a lifetime.  By the time you read this, this will be two weeks old, so take it with a grain of salt.

I know you have heard this all before, but the health and safety of our members is paramount.  The easiest decision is to just cancel everything until this whole deal is over and go from there.  I think you all know we don’t ever take the easy way out, so our mission became “how can we keep having fun safely”.  Our sport is pretty safe from a contracting the virus through community exposure since we are on the boat, beach or pier by ourselves or with people we know.  Once we figured that out we worked on limiting exposure to fellow club members at meetings and events.  Hence the March Madness tournament with no weigh in and no gathering.  This maybe not as much fun but we are a fishing club and we will be fishing.  Right now, we are looking at something to pull into April, so stay tuned.  As of this moment April and May membership meetings are cancelled.  The Spring Classic will be rescheduled.  The bottom trip is up in the air.  The May Offshore is on so get offshore and get a trophy catch.  A lot of this is work in progress, so keep flexibility in mind as well as your sense of humor.  We need a little de-stress so let’s get to it.

We are not making our decisions in a vacuum so I wanted to take a minute to let you know that we are using CDC, federal and local recommendations to make our decisions regarding our events.  We then select the toughest criteria to use in our decisions.  A great example right now is that the feds say no meeting events over 50 people.  The county says 100 outdoors.  The CDC says 10, so we are using 10 at this point in our planning.  All of the above can, and probably will change, in the coming days weeks and months so please monitor your email and our website.  Again, it’s safety first.

We are here for the long run.  I doubt we can run the kinds of events you are used to but we will be out on the water enjoying the beautiful place we live. Be safe out there and we will see you all on the water from a safe distance.