From the Helm

From the Helm May

Wow! The Club is really going to be busy in the coming months. After just completing a successful Spring Classic which had one of our members, Chuck Dykes winning the Trout Division. Dana Syens and Peter Bessette chaired the Tournament and just did a wonderful job.

For new members, it’s hard to keep up with everything that the Club has to offer so please refer to the website to see what interests you the most and jump in. The Catch Photo and Release (CPR) Tournament is really going well so please check out the website under the Fishing Tab and start getting credit for the fish you release. May is the Month for our Bottom Trip, so please click the Big Boat on the website if interested and sign up and pay. Also, this month is our Club Surf Tournament, May 22nd, and is being run by Mark Heffley. He has some great raffle prizes to raffle off. Remember, you can always buy raffles in advance on the website.

The Club is going through some positive change due to growth in the coming months, and it is mainly to streamline our operations processes. Our Club works with great volunteers that dedicate a lot of time to keeping our club clicking. We are all like a duck on the water cruising along but what you do not see is the duck’s legs under water which are paddling like crazy. The Clubs strategic direction is being evaluated to benefit our community and county fish habitat. This is a long process as you might imagine, but a team is being built and if you would like to join in on this, contact me and I will hook you up. Stay tuned as more information will be coming out.

Chris Christian