From the Helm

With Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years ahead, make sure you spend some time at our club’s sponsors purchasing their products.  Our sponsors include some of the areas best tackle shops, restaurants and boat dealers.  What better gift than new tackle, dinner for a special person or maybe even a new boat.  Make sure you tell them you are a club member since many of our sponsors offer discounts or perks to members.

Last month I talked about all the things we do for our community, so this month, I want to talk about what the club does for its members.  About a third of you filled out our survey a couple of months ago and we have been using that as our guide for 2020 and beyond.  If you took the time to fill it out feel good we listened.  If not, you are still along for this ride, so don’t miss next time.

Further along in the Chum Line you will find our 2020 budget.  It has grown significantly since last year, mostly over things you asked for in the survey.  Events like an Offshore Tournament are back, along with a Trash Tournament and a Member’s Classic with a higher prize payout.  We also bumped our monthly tournament prize payout by $100 each tournament and another $100 for more and better food.  You wanted better raffle prizes, so we bumped that budget $50 each event.  Catch, Photo and Release became a major item and we are almost done negotiating a turnkey software agreement for that purpose.  Finally, on the kids’ side, we are partnering with CCA in their Star Tournament next year by sponsoring a $5000 scholarship for Flagler County Kids entering, catching and releasing fish in their tournament.  There are a bunch more odds and ends that we can talk about later but these are the biggies.

As you can see, we have been busy listening and doing, based on what you told us you wanted.  You also told us you wanted a dues increase, so you’ll get that too.  Dues for 2020 will be $70 per family, this is our first increase in fifteen years, and I hope you all see the value in your membership.

That’s it for 2019, and with no meeting in December, Pat and I wish all of you a safe and loving holiday season.

See you all in 2020!