23rd Annual Spring Classic

Classic Winners
Shane Moore; Dallas Moore; Mitchell Dees; Ronnie CouncilBrian Sousa; Jordan Weiner; Clayton Simmons; Gary LaneGarrett BrownGene Morrow 23rd Annual Spring ClassicDave Barner; Jett Voegtle; Wyatt Seay; Dave Farlow; Adriana Farlow
Classic Tournament Day Photos
Brian Sousa 3.15 lbs, 2nd Jordan Weiner 2.30 lbs, 3rd Clayton Simmons 2.10 lb; 4th Gary Lane 1.70 lbs.Rita Waddell and Dana SyensMichael BrandonMitchell Dees1st Dave Barner 7.75 lbs, 2nd Jett Voegtle 6.75 lbs, 3rd Wyatt Seay 6.05 lbs, 4th Dave Farlow with Jr. Angler Adriana Farlow, Birthday Girl; 5.70 lbs.  Hidden Treasure Restaurant with Reta and Randy Szlosek and Ronnie Council Trout Winners (LtoR) 1st Shane Moore 5.70 lbs, 2nd Dallas Moore 4.50 lbs, 3rd Mitchell Dees 4.15 lbs, 4th Ronnie Council 3.45 lbs.Gene MorrowJett VoegtleDave FarlowGarrett BrownJordan Weiner
Classic Captains Meeting Photos
Mark Wilhelm and the Fishin' ShackTammy Black; RytechFred Manzolillo and Dana SyensStefanie BakazanClub President Chuck Gleichmann and Tournament Chair and Club VP Dana Syens  Mark Wilhelm of the DAV